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YMCA Workouts

TRX & Machines Double Circuit

Shake up your routine with this equipment-based workout.

  • Warmup


    Treadmill: Walk at a minimum 3.5 speed setting
    Duration: 3 minutes

  • TRX Circuit

    TRX Circuit

    Equipment: TRX Suspension Trainer
    Duration: 10 reps each. Cycle through twice.

    No. Exercise Instructions  
    1 TRX: Mountain Climbers Sit and place feet into straps. Turn over into pushup position. Hands should be directly beneath shoulders. Back is straight. Alternate bringing knees up to chest. Show Me
    2 TRX: Rows Two arm position options: First, face the wall, plant your feet and lower down until your arms are extended. With palms facing each other, pull up, keeping your elbows close to your sides. Switch positions by facing your palms to the floor and pulling up with your elbows wide. Show Me
    3 TRX: Pushups From standing, lean out into a push-up position. Slowly lower your body until your arms bend at 90 degrees, then push back up. Show Me
  • Full-body Cardio Interval

    Full-body Cardio Interval

    Row Machine: Pick a challenging pace.
    Duration: 5 minutes

  • Machine Circuit

    Machine Circuit

    Equipment: Smith, glute and torso rotation machines.
    Duration: 10 reps each. Cycle through twice.

    No. Exercise Instructions  
    1 Squat on the Smith Machine Use the bar only or add weight. Position feet shoulder-width apart, hips back, weight in your heels. Squat like you’re sitting in a chair, keeping knees behind toes. Show Me
    2 Glute Machine Pick a weight you can sustain. Adjust the abdominal pad to achieve a 90-degree angle at your hips. Adjust foot bar to desired start position. Rest one lower leg on the pad as you place your forearms down and grasp the handles. Place your other knee down, and push the bar upward with your foot. To repeat for opposite side, adjust the knee pad. Show Me
    3 Torso Rotation Select the weight to desired resistance. Adjust seat height so that pads are positioned across upper chest. Select left or right start position. Grasp handles and pull chest against pads. Use the thigh pads for stability. To start, rotate upper body completely to opposite side and return. Repeat for other side. Show Me
  • Cool Down

    Cool Down

    Treadmill: Walk at a minimum 3.5 speed setting.
    Duration: 3 minutes

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