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YMCA Workouts

Total Body Fitness in 10 Moves

Build skills and burn calories with these easy-to-learn exercises.

Equipment: Step, mat, lat pull machine, 8-pound dumbbells, medicine ball

  • Warmup


    Elliptical: Do 2 minutes slow, 2 minutes fast, 2 minutes slow (6 minutes total).

  • Main Workout

    Duration: Do 25 reps each exercise, except for Pilates hold (25 seconds) and side kicks and pulsing lunge (25 reps each leg).

    No. Exercise Instructions  
    1 Body Weight Squats Place feet shoulder-width apart. Squat as if sitting in a chair, keeping knees over toes and weight in heels. Show Me
    2 Elevated Pushups These can be done on toes or knees. Place hands on step at chest level. Keeping body straight, lower down to bench and push up. Show Me
    3 Pilates Hold Use your core to keep your knees and torso balanced at 90-degrees. Hold for 25 seconds. Show Me
    4 Side Kicks Stand and kick one leg out to the side. 25 reps each leg. Show Me
    5 Front Lat Pull Sit facing the lat pull machine. Grip bar slightly wider than shoulders. Pull bar down to chest, then slowly extend overhead. Show Me
    6 Ab Sweeps Lie on mat with legs bent, arms extended overhead. Perform a full sit-up, while sweeping arms out to sides and around legs without touching. Lower back down. Show Me
    7 Pulsing Lunge Start at the deepest part of a lunge. Keep front knee behind toes and torso upright. Pulse up and down about three inches. Show Me
    8 Plank Taps Get in plank position with wrists directly below shoulders. Keep body straight. Lift one arm at a time to tap the opposite shoulder. Show Me
    9 Side Raises Stand feet shoulder-width apart. Hold dumbbells at sides, palms down. Raise arms until parallel to floor and lower. Show Me
    10 Medicine Ball Lift Hold medicine ball at chest level with feet wider than hips. Perform full squat, lifting ball overhead as you stand. Show Me
  • Cooldown

    Walk 5 laps around track.

  • Stretch


    No. Stretch Instructions  
    1 Side Stretch Stand with feet wider than hips. Lean left while stretching right arm over your head. Left hand reaches down left leg. Switch sides. Show Me
    2 Hamstrings Stretch Stand two feet in front of a wall and lean back against it. Let upper body hang down toward feet. Show Me
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