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YMCA Workouts

Total Body Circuit

Get fit with this cardio and weights combo.

  • Warmup


    Treadmill: Brisk walk or jog between 3.0-3.5 speed setting 
    Duration: 5 minutes

  • Circuit 1

    Circuit 1

    Equipment: Bench, 10-pound dumbbells
    Duration: 45 seconds each exercise; complete circuit twice then grab a drink.

    No. Exercise Instructions  
    1 Squat with Press Sit holding dumbbells with arms extended, palms facing up. Curl weights to shoulders as you stand. Rotate palms outward and push weights above head. Squat down to seated. Show Me
    2 Elevated Mountain Climbers Place hands on bench in push-up position. Keep wrists in line with shoulders and back straight. Alternate bringing knees to chest at a challenging speed. Show Me
    3 Bicep Curl with Dumbbells Stand or sit, holding dumbbells at sides. Steadily pull arms upward until the weights reach shoulder height, and lower down. Alternate arms or lift together. Show Me
  • Cardio Interval

    Cardio Interval

    Treadmill: Increase speed for your walk or jog between setting 3.0-3.5.
    Duration: 5 minutes

  • Circuit 2

    Circuit 2

    Equipment: Universal tower
    Duration: 45 seconds each exercise; complete circuit twice then grab a drink.

    No. Exercise Instructions  
    1 Weighted Compound Row Sit at the row machine. Pick a challenging weight for about 15 reps. Pull the grip toward your ribcage, keeping elbows close to your sides and steadily release. Show Me
    2 Step Back Lunge Stand with core engaged. Step back into a lunge, keeping upper body straight. Step far enough to keep the front knee behind toes. Alternate legs. Show Me
    3 Tricep Extension Face machine with feet shoulder-width apart. Grip rope or angled bar at chest, palms outward. Steadily pull down until arms extend, keeping elbows at sides. Slowly bring up. Show Me
  • Cool Down

    Cool Down

    Treadmill: Walk or jog between settings 3.0-3.5.
    Duration: 5 minutes

  • Stretch


    No. Stretch Instructions  
    1 IT Band Stretch Find a wall for balance. Place one ankle across the opposite knee. Slowly squat to stretch. Repeat for opposite leg. Show Me
    2 Standing Quad Stretch Stand and pull one foot back to glutes, holding the ankle. Rotate hips forward slightly to maintain vertical alignment. Repeat for opposite leg. Show Me
    3 Arm to Shoulder Stretch Stand arm's length from wall with one palm flat against it. Slowly turn body away to stretch the shoulder socket. Repeat for opposite arm. Show Me
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