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Kickboxing 101

Kick, jab, and attack with this basic kickboxing class




    You will perform each exercise for 30 seconds. Go through both rounds twice and rest for 1 minute in between.


    Walk for 3 minutes, gradually increasing the pace. Then do 30 seconds of front jabs, upper cuts and front kicks.

  • Set One

    Set One

    No. Exercise Instructions  
    1 Front Kicks Hold your guard and push through your heels as you kick each leg out in front. Be sure not to lock out your knees. Increase intensity by extending your arms overhead. Show Me
    2 Cross Jabs Engage core, soften knees, and hinge hips back. Pivot on the ball of your foot and jab, bringing your arm across the body. Repeat side-to-side. Do not lock out your elbows during jabs. Show Me
    3 Squat-Pulse & Side Kick Face toes forward and place feet hip-width apart. Begin with a squat and pulse for 2 counts. As you come out of your squat, shift your weight into a side kick. Alternate legs each kick. Show Me
    4 Speed Bag Run Lower into an athletic stance. Start quick feet/football run, and move your arms as if you are punching a speed bag. Show Me
  • Set Two

    Set Two

    No. Exercise Instructions  
    1 Attacks Do 180-degree jumps, and jab forward each time. Show Me
    2 Lunge and Throw Lunge back, keeping the front knee in a 90 degree angle. As you come out of your lunge you will bring the back leg up into a knee lift, and slam your arms to meet the knee. Alternate legs every 4 lunges. Show Me
    3 High-Low Jumps Remain in a squat the entire time. Come up halfway, and add a high punch. As you lower back down, punch low. Add a hop for more intensity. Show Me
    4 Jab and Jack Perform jumping jacks. After each jack, turn sideways and jab. Modify by eliminating the hop in your jack. Show Me
  • Cool Down

    Walk for 3 minutes.

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