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YMCA Workouts

Insane Cardio

With zero equipment required, you can do insane cardio no matter where you go!


    Jog for 3 minutes.


    Take one set at a time. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds. Go through the set three times in a row without stopping. Then take a 1-minute break before moving on to the next set.

  • Set One

    Set One

    No. Exercise Instructions  
    1 Split Jack Stand with one foot forward in a slight lunge. Jump and switch legs, bringing arms up and down. Continue alternating legs. To modify, alternate stepping and extending the arms overhead. Show Me
    2 Heisman Shuffle Stay in a low, athletic stance. Keep knees soft, hinge the hips forward. Shuffle laterally for three steps, then add a knee lift. Repeat to opposite side. To modify, step laterally. Show Me
    3 Butt Kicks Jog in place, bringing the heels to the glutes. Land softly to protect joints. Show Me
  • Set Two

    Set Two

    No. Exercise Instructions  
    1 Tricep Dips Sitting on the ground or a bench, position your hands outside hips with fingers facing your body. Place feet in front, knees bent. Lift glutes off the ground or scoot off the bench. Now, bend your elbows to lower your body down and press back up. Elbows should stay pointing backward. Show Me
    2 Push Ups Place hands below shoulders with fingers pointing forward. Engage core so that your whole body moves in one line. Bend your arms, lowering your chest to the floor. Push back up. To modify, drop down to knees. Show Me
    3 Mountain Climbers Place hands directly beneath shoulders. Keep back straight. Bring knees up to chest at rapid pace. Show Me
  • Set Three

    Set Three

    No. Exercise Instructions  
    1 Burpees Squat down, place hands on the ground, then jump feet back into plank position. Jump feet up to hands again, then jump straight up into the air with arms overhead. To modify, step the feet back and up, and exchange the jump for a heel raise. Show Me
    2 Square Hops Hop in a square, keeping knees soft. To modify, step and squat. To add more intensity, remain in a mid-squat the entire time. Show Me
    3 X Jumps Lower the body in a squat position. Explode up in the air, extending arms up as feet also extend out to the sides—creating the X shape. To modify, alternate lifting one leg out at a time. Show Me
  • Set Four

    Set Four

    No. Exercise Instructions  
    1 Inch Worm Walk the hands down the legs to meet the ground. Walk the hands out into a full or modified plank. Walk the hands back to meet the feet. Make your way back up into a standing position. Keep back flat throughout the exercise. Show Me
    2 Plank Jack Get in plank position with hands directly beneath shoulders. Keep back straight. Hop your feet out to the sides and back. Modify by stepping out one leg at a time or taking the plank to your knees and stepping out. Show Me
    3 Squat and Twist Perform a low squat and as you come up, lift one knee and twist your torso to that side. Keep the core engaged at all times. Alternate sides. Show Me
  • Cool Down

    Walk for 3 minutes.

  • Stretch


    Duration: Perform each stretch for 30 seconds.

    No. Exercise Instructions  
    1 Hamstring Stretch Sit with legs straight in front. Hinge at your hips and reach down toward your toes. Show Me
    2 Quad Stretch Sit with knees bent and heels as close to glutes as possible. Place arms behind you for support. Lift the glutes up and shift your weight forward to elongate the quad muscles. Show Me
    3 Seated Hip Stretch Sit with legs straight in front. Cross left leg over the right and bend it at the knee. Twist your torso toward that leg and place your left arm behind you. Show Me
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