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YMCA's Weight Loss Program

Reimagine Weight Loss

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Your weight loss goals may be unique to you, but you don’t have to take the journey alone. Stay accountable and inspired with the YMCA’s Weight Loss Program, a 12-week course offering weekly small-group discussion and tools to help you establish personal goals, track progress and set yourself on the path to a healthier lifestyle. Register Now!

Why it's Different


Rather than telling you exactly what to do, the YMCA's Weight Loss Program gives you the tools to design a weight loss plan that's right for you and your unique goal.


Research shows that making healthy lifestyle changes is easier when people have a support system holding them accountable. The YMCA’s Weight Loss Program's group setting gives you a built-in support network to lean on and learn from throughout your weight loss journey.


Every day, we are bombarded with conflicting diets and exercise regimes claiming to hold the exclusive key to weight loss. The YMCA’s Weight Loss Program is built on the idea that, given the right tools, you have the answers within you to achieve your goals.

About the Program


  • Adults 18 years and older with a desire to reach a healthier weight


  • Group-based program (8-20 people per group) that involves learning, sharing and problem solving via group discussions in a supportive environment
  • Weekly topics cover balanced eating, physical activity, goal setting, positive psychology, and behavior sustainability
  • No exercise component, but participants are encouraged to engage in activities at the Y that support their weight loss efforts


  • Weekly 1-hour sessions over 12 weeks
  • Participants self-design action plans to achieve their weight loss goals
  • Participants weigh in, track food and activity and create SMART goals each week


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Sign up and a facilitator will contact you. For any other questions, contact Elizabeth Hughes at

  • I’ve been working for the Y for 17 years and I thought I knew what I needed to do to be healthy and that the Y had all those things. But this program is completely different than anything else we have to offer.

    —Participant, YMCA of Middle Tennessee

  • The program does not focus on the scale, it doesn’t tell you what or how to eat in order to lose weight. It does not plan menus or tell you what to eat. You are given tools that will lead to successful weight loss.

    —Participant, First Coast YMCA, FL

  • The program is different from other programs in which I have participated in that there was no pressure to ‘lose weight NOW’. Weight loss and health [are] the ultimate goal, not the quick fix.

    —YMCA of Greater Providence, RI

  • This program gave me things to think about. I know I should be eating right and exercising but why don’t I? This program gave me insights into my behavior by asking very simple questions.

    —YMCA of Greater Providence, RI

  • This program has encouraged me to respect my body. I take more pride in cooking healthy meals, charting my exercise and food intake, and rewording my feelings about my body. This class was just what I needed to support a healthy lifestyle.

    —Participant, Snohomish County YMCA, WA

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