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Helping Hurricane Survivors

Friday, September 08, 2017

First Harvey, now Irma—the need for hurricane relief is enormous. The YMCA of Middle Tennessee is partnering with the United Methodist Committee on Relief to help victims of these devastating storms by assembling cleaning buckets for families in need.

Cleaning buckets are used by thousands of people in the early stages of disaster recovery. They are often the first things a family receives when they return to their home.

Each 5-gallon bucket is stocked with detergent, dust masks, clotheslines, scouring pads, work gloves, and much more. These simple items can be symbols of hope to families in moments of overwhelming grief.

Our staff member, Melissa McBride, volunteered to help lead the Y’s relief response after her grandparents were forced to flee their home in Houston.

"My grandparents’ story is one hundreds of thousands coming from Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. While my family is doing okay, there are many others who aren’t. We want to give everyone the opportunity to help make rebuilding the Houston community a little easier," she said.

The Y will continue collecting buckets at various centers around Middle Tennessee in the coming weeks. Please visit this link for instructions on assembling a cleaning kit, and call your center to ask about the nearest drop-off location.

The YMCA of Greater Houston is also involved with relief efforts, including a back-to-school drive for children. See their website for more information.

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