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Finding Treasure: A Reflection for Lent

Sunday, March 19, 2017

By Reverend Vona Wilson, YMCA Chaplain

This morning I found something very special to me that I had lost over Thanksgiving. I hadn't loaned it to anyone. I couldn’t imagine that someone would steal it. It wasn’t something I dropped or left in a coffee shop. But it was lost to me.

Yesterday, I started thinking about a chest of drawers in my bedroom. I went to sleep wondering, “could it be in one of those drawers?” It didn’t belong in a drawer; it belonged out where I could use it often.

As you might guess…this morning I opened up the bottom drawer of that chest, and there it was! I was so very happy. I was grateful.

The drawer looked like I had dumped things into it in a hurry…possibly getting ready for company or something of the sort. A lot of it had become trash, no longer needed or helpful, so I threw it away immediately. Some of it was useful, and I put those things where I could find them as needs came. But three things in that drawer were precious: a crocheted doily made by my grandmother, an embroidered piece made by my other grandmother, and a book—the “lost” item that I’d been trying to find for months. It was not just any book; it was a book handed down to me by someone older and wiser.

I took those three precious things and brought them back out into the open light where I could see them, know where they are, and use them in my life.

What's your treasure?

During this season of preparing for Easter (a season we call “Lent”), we may rediscover something precious. If you are taking some extra moments of silence or reflection, you may remember things that have been lost to you.

Our relationship with God is one that begs for our attention. Reconnecting through prayer, spiritual reading, serving, fasting and just being with God have way of opening us to things we need to know. It gives us a chance to become aware of helpful, divine insight.

You might find some junk that needs to be thrown away immediately. You may find some useful things that you forgot you had. And, you may find some treasures—some true God-given wisdom that you need right now for your life journey. What could be in your unopened drawer?

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