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Membership Options and Rates

Our standard Association-wide membership gives you the best the Y has to offer with access to every YMCA location in Middle Tennessee.

Category Description Joining Fee** Monthly Fee  
One One adult ages 31-64 $75.00 $63.00 Join Now
One Plus One adult plus dependents $100.00 $96.00 Join Now
Two Two adults under 65 years $100.00 $93.00 Join Now
Two Plus Two adults plus dependents $100.00 $107.00 Join Now
Three Plus Three adults plus dependents $125.00 $144.00 Join Now
Four Plus Four adults plus dependents $125.00 $175.00 Join Now
One adult age 65 or older $75.00 $59.00 Join Now
Two adults, at least one is 65+ $100.00 $78.00 Join Now
One adult ages 19-30 $50.00 $50.00 Join Now
Teen Ages 12-18 $50.00 $40.00 Join Now

** One-time joining fee.

Note: Thanks to the generous contributions of donors to the YMCA's Open Doors program, financial assistance may be available to you depending on your income or financial situation. Please contact your local Y for more information.

Center-only Memberships

A small number of Y locations offer memberships to a single wellness center. Please select a location below to view their center-only membership rates.

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