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Make it a Habit: Just Show Up

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

At the Y, we believe anyone can establish healthy habits. But it takes patience, practice and the proper support to make it happen. That’s why we’re here! Whether you’re looking to get back in shape after a little hiatus—or starting from scratch on a wellness plan—look to the Y for the guidance you need to turn those resolutions into an everyday reality.

To get you moving, we’ve compiled five tried and true healthy habit-forming tips recommended by our wellness experts. The first is simple, but the very first small step in making big changes:

1. Just show up.

Starting a fitness plan can be overwhelming and often discouraging—especially if you’re setting tough, lofty goals right from the start. It can also take several weeks of hard work before you begin to feel or notice the results of your new routine. You may go a day or two (or more) without exercising, and even on the days you do, your workout may not be everything you want it to be. The truth is even the best-laid fitness plans are going to fall short of perfection—and that’s totally OK.

Getting healthier is a lifelong goal that comes with lots of ups and downs, and when you think of it that way, our perceived “failures” aren’t so bad. Focus on establishing a routine that works for you, and when you’re at the gym, don’t worry too much about achieving the perfect workout. Having a resilient attitude and just showing up really is half the battle.

More Ways the Y Can Help

Download the full “Make it a Habit” guide—or check out Thrive for inspirational member stories, a weekly basic exercise plan, and other great Y resources to get you started.

Every day, more than 20,000 people “just show up” at their local YMCA—more than any other wellness provider in Middle Tennessee. Learn why we’re different.

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