Social Responsibility

Supporting Neighbors in Need

In an increasingly disconnected, isolated world, the Y is committed to remaining a place where people of all ages, abilities and background can come together.

Why It Matters

  • Social isolation—or a lack of social connectedness often occurring among the disenfranchised and the elderly—puts individuals at greater risk for chronic disease, depression, stress and unhealthy behaviors.

  • Nearly 18% of Tennesseans live below the poverty line.

  • More than 19% of Tennessee's rapidly aging population is 60 and older—a figure projected to increase to 24% by 2030.

How the Y is Helping

With 15 welcoming facilities and by providing more than $6.3 million in charitable assistance each year, the Y is building a stronger, more connected community.

  • Last year, the Y's Open Doors financial assistance program enabled more than 65,000 neighbors in need (or 1 in 4 members) to belong to the Y.

  • IN 2015, the Y provided $9.2 million in total charitable assistance, allowing thousands in our community to access life-changing YMCA programs and services.

  • Each year, the Y provides more than 35,000 seniors a place to find community and connection as members of their local YMCA.